Translation Services

The CLF’s Pro Bono Centre Fundraising Initiative will launch later this year!

Pending the launch of the sponsorship sections, all names (including Diamond Sponsors) of service providers are listed below:

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Limited

Certified Translation Services UK Limited

City Legal Translations International Limited

EasyTranslate (UK) Limited

Global Voices Limited

Language Connect International Limited

Lexis Languages

Lingo House Translation Service Limited

London Translations Limited

Power Business Communications Language Services

Rosetta Translation Limited

Straker Europe Limited

Today Translation & Business Services Limited

Translate Media Limited


TrustPoint Translations

To get an indication of what the sponsorship pages will look like when launched please click here.

Please click here to view the official Donation Letter which outlines further details about the project!

Disclaimer: The Commercial Litigators’ Forum nor any person or firm associated with them makes any representation (implied or otherwise) relating to the appropriateness or suitability of the service provider listed on this website. Nor has any steps been taken to verify or check that the service provider provides the services under which they are categorised or that the links or the descriptions ascribed to them are in anyway accurate (including those listed under the non-sponsoring section). Each user must undertake their own due diligence and independent legal advice. The purpose of the website is to enable money to be raised for the National Pro Bono Centre and to identify those service providers willing to support this initiative.