CLF Mission Statement

The Commercial Litigators’ Forum (“CLF”) was established in early July 2002 by a number of leading dispute resolution practices (i.e partners and associates from the committee law firms). It has representatives from all the principal litigation practices participating in its activities. The CLF is now active in London, New York and Moscow.


Upcoming Events

We look forward to a  busy schedule of events this year. Read more here.

Previous Events

The CLF has been hosting events in London, New York and Moscow from 2002 onwards, attended by leading litigators from across the world. 

Read more about previous events here.


The CLF Litigation Directory 

The CLF Litigation Directory of all service providers is kept up-to-date by a number leading law firms and used by their associates, partners and PSLs when selecting service providers. It is the only directory operated in this way and is comprehensive with all principal service providers included. Service providers that donate to the National Pro Bono Centre receive an enhanced listing and other benefits. Sponsoring opens doors for marketing and is a pre-requisite for service providers attending CLF events.

We welcome you aboard this worthwhile and transformative project that not only raises money but is also a unique commercial opportunity for service providers to meet leading litigators and in-house lawyers.

See the current sponsorship details here and email to join.



  • Improve and promote social interaction between professional colleagues
  • Encourage the informal discussion of litigation related issues affecting the legal profession and the court system
  • Produce discussion papers and initiatives on litigation related matters of interest affecting the legal profession and the court system
  • Set up channels of communication with the judiciary
  • Work in conjunction with other established bodies such as the London Solicitors Litigation Association, the Commercial Court Users Group and the International Bar Association
  • Raise funds for the National Pro Bono Centre –
  • Support the Directory of Service Providers – with all money going to the National Pro Bono Centre.



The CLF operates through an informal structure with regular meetings at which events are planned and programmes organised. Law firms are kept in contact through e-mail and the Forum is open to new initiatives or lawyers who wish to become further involved in the management of the organisation. A current list of the committee members can be viewed within each city’s page, above.


Relationship with the National Pro Bono Centre and the GC100

There is a long-standing relationship between the CLF, the National Pro Bono Centre and the GC100. The CLF is committed to supporting the aims of the National Pro Bono Centre and the GC100 supports this initiative.

Service Providers who wish to align themselves with the CLF are invited to become annual sponsors; enabling enhanced listings in the CLF Directory, invitations to attend CLF events and other marketing opportunities.

In 2013 the CLF joined with the GC100 to encourage sponsorship of the Centre on Chancery Lane by key firms, chambers and service providers. See the details of the 2013 sponsors here.